Bapuji’s Quotes

  1. 1)Philosophical contemplation and practice of meditation

Contemplation is different from Meditation

“Contemplation is the churning of philosophical reasoning, while Meditation is the actual experience of philosophical conclusions”

  1. 2)The gross prana in the form of air is not the motive force behind the spontaneous manifestations in meditation, but it is the subtle prana in the form of energy, derived from God’s cosmic energy, which propels the body. The seeker has to surrender to this energy and welcome all its manifestations. This is real surrender to God.

  1. 3)Just as a ladder is means of going up, as well as going down, so is sexual passion a ladder for upliftment as well as degeneration.

  1. 4)The sex urge causes the sexual fluid to descend through ejaculation, and yoga causes it to ascend through sublimation.

  1. 5)To observe total celibacy is an uphill task, and therefore, one has to suffer many an undesired discharge, whether he likes it or not. Modern physiological science boldly asserts that there can never be total celibacy, at a certain time discharge does occur and it is but natural, they say. This statement might be true, yet the yogis do become ‘urdhvaretas’ through ‘yogic’ transformation or sublimation of sexual fluids.

6) Dharana is the seed, dhyana is the tree, and samadhi is the fruit. These three are inseparable, constituting an integral whole.