Introductory Note


The information provided in this web site is intended for all those who are interested in yoga, but may be at various levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

This content constitutes a total yoga path as a complete spiritual science or God realization path. The content in this web-site follows the path of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga, which is based on Astanga Yoga. Shaktipat is a “jump-Start’ at a receivable level for those who are prepared and ready to follow the authentic teachings established in it. It is open for all faiths and beliefs without any set pre-conditions, but that are willing to accept the natural evolutionary transformations of the practice.

One may identify oneself as beginner, intermediate or advanced, but know that these are mental boundaries. The content in this web-site is comprehensively described/illustrated for all various levels and stages, but includes content for advanced followers/practitioners.

The universe as we see it is eternal. Spiritual life is eternal. ‘Birth’ begins the life-span and ‘death’ ends it. ‘Birth’ and ‘Death’ are ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’ doors, for our soul/spirit to travel through. Life-span is a transient ‘stop’ in the realm of universal existence in time-space.

A little flight from addiction to freedom will reveal the truth. Come to try to fly with us! We are able to shift our ‘gears’ automatically from tamsic to rajasic to sattvic. The quality of life or the standard of living is improvised as such. Thus, this spiritual culture has remained eternal since ages.

If our one leg would move forward, the second one is bound to follow.

For whatever reason you are here, read through these web pages and hope to be inspired to take forward steps.

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With Love,

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan !