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July, Student

A thought

to express without what is felt


is the ever expanding consciousness

    forever creating

pushing onward into the new realities

continually searching for new

    expression ----------

The energy which fills within

    becomes tremendous

straining to be released

    into LOVE and new



Linda Banter

Yogini since late ‘60‘s, Massage Therapist since ‘70, Pathways To Wellness

I have known Thakor as a disciple of Kripalvanandji (Bapuji) since the time that Bapuji

was living here in the United States (1977-1981). Thakor is devoted, dedicated and committed to Kripalu Yoga. His knowledge and wisdom of Raja Yoga along with his selfless service is his way of guiding others to reach spiritual realization.

Eric Banter

Yoga School Director, Pathways To Wellness

I have been attending class with teacher, Thakor Patel, since 4/16/08. I feel blessed for the opportunity to learn from a yoga sage from India right here in Indiana. Thakor’s depth, breadth and experiential knowledge for yoga and his openness to share his art with others exemplifies his quest to love and serve.

Along my 2 year journey thus far I have been blessed to witness his hatha and raja yoga practices and graced through shaktipat kundalini. I am forever grateful for his passion for the art-of-yoga, his lineage and his openness to share this art with me.

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After years of searching

    - ever seeking -

To come upon a true selfless one

who truely loves - and can give

    from within

Knowledge, peace, and truth

is the reward of seeking and finding

    one’s GURU

who follows the path - the only path