Our Divine Mission:

To expand spiritual cultures following Sanatana Dharma

To promote transformation from Tamasic to Rajasic to Sattvic lifestyle

I would like to conduct house-hold satsanga for a family, their relatives and friends to celebrate birth days, anniversaries, graduations, spiritual occasions, moving in new apartments or houses ceremonies, and to mourn a death in family, etc..


2.5 hours and to your choosing of: 1) exploring relaxation-concentration-meditation, 2) to cope with stress-tensions-pain, 3) to prevent addictions, 4) sicknesses and diseases, 5) counseling & discussions, 6) group chanting-prayer-arati followed by prasad.

If you are interested in scheduling one in your home, at your club house or community facility, or in our sadhana mandir at Kripalu Yoga Clinic located at 1802 East 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205, please call (317) 255-1914.

With Love,

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan !

Thakor Patel, Disciple &

Yoga Teacher