Yogacharya Swamishree Kripalvanandji Maharaj

Radha - Purushottam

Shree Brahmeshwar Jyotirling

Blessing after initiation ceremony at departure

Altar pictures given as part of initiation ceremony


While passing through pranotthan manifestations during the period of May 1971 through April 1973, I was guided to see Bapuji before getting married. Following the process of arranged marriage system, it happened that in our first Darshan (visit) in April 1973 to Bapuji in the morning we (Thakor & Nirmala) where initiated and blessed to get married. On the same day afternoon we had Bhagwan Branmeshwar’s (Lord Lakulish) darshan first time, and I had experienced amazing manifestation (indescribable) to last forever for the rest of my life. My spiritual search/thirst was quenched and my new life journey was set to begin. The spiritual lineage was established that I realized many years later, through reading about Bapuji’s/Dadaji’s miracles. We departed Kayavarohan that afternoon in April 1973, the day of our spiritual initiation and wedding engagement and our spiritual wedding.

We were married later with a Hindu wedding ceremony in May 1973, at Navsari, Gujarat, India.

My spiritual mission was set at the time of initiation, which I realized many years later when I read Dadaji’s divine guidance to Bapuji. I am so delighted that my life has manifested exactly the way it was supposed to be manifested, carrying out the divine guidance following through karma yoga:

To help revive spiritual teaching through yoga as a spiritual science/path

To help revive spiritual cultures following Sanatana Dharma

It has been my life-time karmic opportunity through the blessings from my spiritual lineage.

I pray for my guided destiny through the remainder of this life-span.

With Love,

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan !