The Rooming House: To Promote/Facilitate Sattvic Life-Style

  1. 1.Rent A Room

        $210 Including all utilities (in basement), $100 deposit

        $300 Including all utilities (1st Floor), $200 deposit

  1. 2.Rent A Studio Apartment (attic floor)

        $400 For one occupant, including all utilities, $300 deposit

        $500 For two occupants

  1. 3.Other Rates

        $20/day, $133/wk, $252/bi-weekly (studio apartment in attic floor)

        $15/day, $98/wk, $182/bi-weekly (a room on first floor)

        $12/day, $77/wk, $140/bi-weekly (a room in basement)

Term Of Lease:

  1. a.Month to month

  2. b.Monthly rent payable in advance

  3. c.15 days notice to vacate

  4. d.Residential use only

  5. e.Animals/pets not allowed

  6. f.No smoking

  7. g.No harmful drugs and/or alcoholic beverages

  8. h.Vegetarian food only (no flesh food, i.e. meat, fish, egg or poultry)

Call to secure your space or to learn more about The Rooming House.

317-726-1477 or 317-255-1914

Between 8:00am and 8:00pm