We have come to this human life through amoeba-monkey (from creature through animal) to evolve and to acquire divine body/life before merging with God. God is one, the existence of universe.

As we live our material and/or spiritual life, our physical and/or mental actions are due to the neutral name as ‘energy’. There are five elements of energy (earth, water, fire, air, space). Everything in the universe is composed of these five elements, grossest to finest. Sexual fluid is the most grossest form of ‘spiritual energy’ in the human body, soul being the finest. Just as ‘crude oil’ is refined into the finest form of gas used in space crafts/engines, yogis are able to refine the ‘sexual fluid’ into ‘finer’ form to purify body-mind-heart through transmutation of refined sexual fluid, and are able to acquire different powers through experiential evolutionary processes. Yogis become ‘Urdhvareta’ through transmutation of refined sexual fluid.

Human beings in the material world know three states of being. 1st wakefulness, 2nd sleep, 3rd dream, 4th is acquired state of meditation and 5th is ‘samadhi’ beyond the realm of meditation.

The benefits of exercises for the body and mind are drawn through the change of our ‘gears’ through relaxation-concentration-meditation and samadhi, with higher benefits in sequence. The level of ‘energy’ is raised automatically as we are able to change our physical-mental-emotional ‘gears’. Also, simultaneously the ‘energy’ is refined from ‘grosser’ to ‘finer’, i.e. physical to spiritual. Yogis know how to? Following/using the yogic tools available/provided in the ‘spiritual tool box.’ It is illogical, beyond logical mind and hence limits of mental comprehension; but comprehensible within the field of ‘faith’, because ‘Faith’ is illogical.

In order to blend, we have to ‘grind’ at first! ‘Blending’ is the ‘churning’ process used in ‘yoga as a spiritual science’. But it is an ‘experiential science’. Yoga practitioners draw knowledge from experiences through ‘self-experiment’ putting one’s body-mind-heart in the hands of ‘spirit’ within.

Yoga is generally perceived as body exercises. Meditation is for the mind control or to acquire blank/thoughtless state of mind. But yoga as a spiritual science, it is beyond metaphysical science; comprehending the total knowledge of physiological-psychological-spiritual combined. Higher super consciousness is beyond the second center of power and fame in the genital region and beyond ordinary mental comprehension. Physical science has its own boundary and limitations of the mental capacity having approximately 3-7% awakened brain cells.

Ordinarily ‘hatha yoga’ is practiced at a level of relaxation. When it is practiced at the level of ‘concentration’ then the benefits of exercises are multiplied manifold. The power of concentration begins to change the dynamic of yoga practice and the benefits are overwhelming. The level of ‘prana vayu’ (life force) increases day-to-day through self-motivated hatha yoga practice. This leads to ‘pranotthan’ (the release of prana or vital air) which sets up ‘pranakriyas’ and thus one experiences true meditation. The hatha yoga components of asana, mudra, pranayama, pratyahara take place automatically at the right time in proper measure and in correct form. As one continues to practice this type of meditation, the process of shaktipat kundalini yoga continues and one is guided/led to awaken the kundalini level of spiritual awakening through years of ’yoga sadhana’ (yogic spiritual practices).

Let me quote from Science of Meditation by Yogacarya Swami Krpalvanand:


Kundalini (Spiritual Serpentine Power): A seeker of spiritual well-being has to awaken kundalini sakti (the serpentine power usually lying dormant). Unless the seeker does this he will not reach his objective because the mainstay of yoga is kundalini. It is the very entrance to yoga. Without it all means are meaningless. It is impossible to obtain true knowledge through other means. This alone is the royal road to jnana.

In the center of the closed doors of moksa (liberation) hangs a curious lock which cannot be opened without a key. And that key is not available to just anyone. That key is kundalini. This serpent kundalini is coiled up asleep blocking the path of the susamna (median nerve passage) in the muladhura padma lotus at the base of the spinal column. Hence, no one is able to traverse that path. Worldly beings with its dormant state indulge in mundane pleasures and as a result they remain in bondage.

The sanyasids (renunciates) with awakened state practice yoga and as a consequence they obtain mukti (liberation).

It is a rare yogi who can arouse the kundalini. Aspirants of some siddhis, unable to arouse it, simply bow and turn away from it. There will be thousands of persons who claim that they know kundalini and that their kundalini is awakened, but not one among them has ever know what kundalini is. Only the one who knows kundalini knows yoga.

Acquainting a non-yogi with kundalini is many times more difficult than acquainting a person blind from birth with the colors or a completely deaf person with musical notes. Kundalini is believed to have more than one form. Yet its two basic forms subtle and gross, are inclusive of all. The place of gross kundalini lies in the region of the muladhara and svadhisthana cakras. In modern physiological terms, this region covers the reproductive excretory systems. With the help of the gross kundalini one is able to attain sabija samadhi. The subtle kundalini is the form of sakti (energy) or prana through which nirbija samadhi (the higher state of samadhi in which the mind dissolves or becomes no-mind) is realized. Those who know yoga, propitiate Lord Siva in the gross kundalini form and sakti in the subtle kundalini form. It is because of this that their conjoined form is known as ardhanarisvara (half male, half female, God).

The existence of passion is the cause of birth and death. The death of passion is the cause of immortality. In other words, it can be said that the discharge of sexual fluids means bhoga (sensual pleasure) and sublimation of sexual fluids means yoga.

When through the guru’s grace kundalini is aroused, the cakras (nerve centers) and the granthis (tangle of nerves) get pierced.


The relationship of teacher-taught (student) and or guru-disciple must have been automatically established to follow the path of Kripalu teachings as established.

So that we all may transform ourselves into spirituality. Truly, three-fold human development is possible. Let us explore our spiritual journey together following the love-serve-surrender spiritual process established, both introvert and extrovert.

With Love,

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan !