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Thakor Patel: Quotes

February 2011

2nd Just as ‘Anesthesia’ is needed/warranted as ‘jump start’ to prepare for any major physical surgery, the pranic & kundalini awakening is warranted for attaining true meditation followed by samadhi stages in order to free the ‘soul’ at one’s will from the bondage with body-mind.

10th We the human being (faithful ones) are trying to climb up the spiritual rope provided/hanged by one God in the universal existence. The rope is interwoven by different strands (various faiths) but woven together as one ‘spiritual’ support. Let us climb-up the rope to reach/unite with the one universal God.

27th It was like flipping/tossing a coin of life & death. I was suspended in air for a year in 2006, fell with ‘life’ on top side fallen in reverse ‘gear’, recovery came/helped to change in ‘drive’ gear to carry forward the spiritual journey through my yoga sadhana. ‘Karmic’ fall is an opportunity to learn to get-up/walk, so that the purification process/joyous journey continues through yoga sadhana.

December 2010

Yogic process/Urdhvareta leads one to purify one’s ‘passion’ into ‘divine love’, thus becoming/transforming truly to be ‘compassionate’. The shifting of ‘gears’ automatically takes place from ‘rajasic’ to ‘sattvic’, evolving through ‘meditation-samadhi’ stages.

November 2010

The remainder of human life span is too short to accommodate procrastination!

Self-motivation is the work/action of energy. A negative addiction overpowers/works against self-motivation.

One who builds a ‘model life’ based on spiritual principles, never destroys it. It sets the evolving stage for reincarnation.

October 2010

As puberty sets the stage of ‘bhoga’, ‘urdhvareta’ sets the stage of ‘yoga’.

Journal Entries

October 27, 2010

Web Design: Eric Banter, Reviewed by: Cynthia Husted

It was a pleasant surprise and amazing to see a finally complete set of web pages read through and corrected with refined language by Cynthia Husted.

All your corrections are incorporated including your valuable suggestion in this final version and Eric is now able to launch the opening of the web site.

A spiritual opportunity rarely comes to us in an unique-way. Whatever came to your way, you seized/grabbed it. Eric is an ‘instrument’ in the process!

I perceived your patience and perseverance through your work of action radiating. It must be your energy at work/manifested.

Thus, we all are following the path of ‘Karma Yoga’ or the process of ‘shaktipat kundalini yoga’. Let our energy manifest freely through our skills and knowledge we already possess.

I pray the Lord to shower the benefits to both of your karmic participation in our spiritual journey together.

With Love,

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan!

October 6, 2010

Web Design: Eric Banter

Eric Banter, first started his ‘Kripalu Yoga and Meditation’ session with me on April 16, 2008. Due to the history of his previous spiritual journey to ‘Kripalu Yoga Clinic Ashram’, he was ready to follow/climb the spiritual ladder of eight (8) steps with the help of ‘Kripalu Tool Box’! He has now set out on his spiritual journey following the process of ‘Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga’ path.

While following the practices of Kripalu Yoga and Meditation, he has also been teaching yoga and meditation at his center ‘Pathways To Wellness’ established by his mother ‘Linda Banter’. She happened to meet Bapuji in Pennsylvania and has followed his teaching since the seventies.

As Eric progressed, sometime in 2009, he came up with the suggestion and listed Kripalu Yoga Foundation, Inc. on free listing website.

Then, he initiated the idea of web design to create the web site sometime in April 2010, and soon registered the site. Thereafter, the process of web design followed.

Significantly, the karmic (selfless service) opportunity came to him and he seized it. This natural happening is due to his following, ‘Karma Yoga’ or the process of ‘Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga’.

I pray the Lord, may he draw the benefits of it, to further climb up the spiritual ladder, to reach you up there somewhere!

With Love,

Thakor Patel

Jay Bhagwan!

July, 1983

Living standard is not measured with how much Luxury we possess, but (is measured) with how much we could restraint & observe Yamas & Niyamas, the principles/disciplines of life.

Clean up the Garbage of the lifestyle, that spread Stink. Follow the Yamas & Niyamas that spread Fragrance.

Any spiritual practice must bring transformation in life. The Yamas & Niyamas will automatically appear to reflect in life. They are subtle images of God. Constantly strive to hold on to the images, to realize God.