1. Born in India on April 2, 1942

  2. Architectural College Education in Mumbai, India- 1959-1967

  3. M.A. in Urban Design-City Planning, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.- 1971-1973

  4. Permanent resident of USA- May 1971-1999, Citizenship of USA- 1999

  5. Full-Time Architectural work in India- 1967-1971

  6. Full-Time Architectural work in USA- 1971-1980

  7. Established ‘Kripalu Yoga Clinic’ in June 1976 as a sole Proprietor in Indianapolis, Indiana. A teaching/training holistic health center, teaching yoga, meditation and vegetarian food and nutrition, yoga teacher’s training, therapists, etc.

  8. Founded Kripalu Yoga Foundation, Inc. a Not-For-Profit federally tax-exempt organization, in November 1980 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  9. Part-Time occupied doing administrative and financial managment work as self-employed, through Kripalu Yoga Foundation, Inc.: a) sponsored and administrered federal U.S.D.A-CACFP: 1981-2000, b) Sponsored and administered federal S.S.B.G.-Title XX Child Care Program: 1984-2003.

  10. A direct disciple of Master Guru ‘Krpalu’ (late Swami Shree Kripalvanandji Maharaj or also known as ‘Bapuji’ in India) was initiated into Yoga in 1973 at Kayavarohan, Gujarat, India.

  11. He has been teaching yoga-meditation since 1975. He follows and teaches the established teachings of ‘Kripalu’, following the spiritual lineage on the path of ‘Shakitpat Kundalini Yoga’, maintaining the traditional authenticity.

  12. He occupied part-time in doing administrative and financial management consulting work through 2003-2011, using his twenty three years of previous self-employed work experience. Thus, he completed his active social services work.

  13. Currently, he continues to teach yoga to children grades 0-8 at a Montessori Option School, part-time sense 2000, in addition to his regular teaching yoga and meditation classes including other spiritual programs and services planned; besides maintaing his own yoga sadhana/practice.

  14. Married to Nirmala, with three sons, one granddaughter, and one grandson.